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Ordesano, handcrafted products of our valley.

Our products are made from only the finest and purest natural ingredients from the Ordesa Valley.

Ordesano is a family business that produces liqueurs and handmade infusions in the Pyrenees of Huesca.

The experience obtained respecting the traditional methods and the excellent quality of the fruits and herbs with which we elaborate our products, have consolidated our brand, for the unique taste of our Pacharán, the originality offer of liquors, an excelent gin premium with pear and a new line of Infusions, of exquisite flavors.


Respecting the traditional methods of years gone by ensures the unique quality of our liquors. The virtue of surprise!. Our liquors are ideal as gifts for weddings, celebrations or a souvenir.

Pacharan ordesano
Licor de Moras
Infusiones ordesano